Founded on Change

Affiliate Nation was sick of seeing low integrity, high price point companies taking advantage of customers. We firmly believe online education should have little to no cost.

Our Values

We want to provide online beginners and digital entrepreneurs the best education, services, and products that can be found. Our goal is to continue sourcing the best high value offers on the market and create sustainable online futures for our members.

People First: We always put people before profit & believe that the organization must always act firstly on the behalf’s of its members.

Devotion: The need to constantly be in service of the team, members and community to continuously add value & achieve as much as possible for all stakeholders.

Leadership: Providing a path for others to find success & walk beside them until they find it!

Innovation: Coming up with new and powerful ways to increase the value to our team, members and community.

You Only Get One Life!

The Tribe

Jordon Rowse


Master “World Takeover” Planner; The Guy Behind The Scenes By Day & In Front Of The Community By Night

Shane Carling


Organic Marketing Specialist Living The ‘Laptop Lifestyle’; The Guy Who Builds 6-Figure Incomes From The Beach

Dylan Alarie


Visionary & Master Marketer Forged By The Marketing Gods; The Guy Who Brings Our Ideas To Life

David Trachsel


7-Figure Beach Bum & Digital Nomad; The Guy Who Creates And Launches Huge Digital Projects

Michael Mossino


The Italian Stallion & Paid Ads Wizard; The Guy Who Gets Us Unlimited Leads

Justin Cartwright


Integration Wizard; The Guy That Keeps The Machine Whirring

Connor Vermeulen

Digital Marketing Engagement Coordinator

Brand New Dog Dad & Hockey-Playing “Suitcase”; The Guy Who Closes Your Leads

What You Can Expect

What is high-ticket? High Ticket simply means being in the business of selling a product or service that costs $1,000 or more and offers a substantial value to the consumer. Being in the high-ticket business is the fastest way to build wealth and earn a “real” income online.