3 Ways to Tell Your “Traditional” Job is Toxic

Okay, so I want to know, what does a “Traditional” Job mean to you? Typically when people hear that, they think of an office or a work site. They think of a boss that doesn’t know what they want. They think of co-workers that are constantly trying to throw you under the bus. Every day I hear stories from our team about how desperate they were for a change before they joined us. 

It’s honestly heartbreaking how many people hate their jobs but keep doing them because they have to make ends meet. Or maybe think “everyone hates their job, so what’s the difference anyways.” Sound familiar? If that’s something you’ve thought even once I really need you to stop and read this. If you relate to any of these next three statements, you Need to make a change.

“I’m in a Toxic Work Environment

There are so many things that can define a “Toxic” work environment. How many times have you not felt supported in your role? Probably too many times to count. Whether it’s by co-workers or even your boss, feeling like you’re alone or completely lost is a common problem. This can look like your boss not knowing what they want, or not communicating needs with you. It can be co-workers assuming you’ll pick up their slack and leaving their tasks for you to finish. Not being supported more often than not leads to job dissatisfaction and stress. 

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3 Ways to Tell Your "Traditional" Job is Toxic

Now I haven’t even Mentioned workplace cliques. Let’s break down the structure of a “Traditional” job. We’ve got Executives/corporate, we’ve got management, and then we’ve got employees. And then within that you’ve also got departments. All those differences make up for Cliques. No one wants to admit that anyone else can do their job properly. These environments create “us vs them” attitudes. More often than not means there’s division between these groups within the company. 

“I’m not making enough money in my “Traditional” Job

I see it time and time again, “Traditional” employers undervalue and overwork their employees. In general people don’t learn that it’s okay to negotiate a salary they deserve, or how to ask for a raise. I’m sure you’ve heard the “Work hard and you’ll get noticed” sentiment. If you’re trying to advocate for yourself and refuse work based on your pay, you’ll likely get dismissed. It’s just not something that happens. Think about how toxic this is to your own mental health. All your value as a person is based on your productivity and your paycheque decides your worth.

3 Ways to Tell Your "Traditional" Job is Toxic

I think it’s also important to bring up how much the cost of living is going up. Salaries at traditional jobs aren’t going up at the same rate as Cost of Living so people are struggling a lot more to make ends meet. This means there’s way less ability to achieve that “american dream” or achieving success, whatever that looks like for you. 

“I’m not doing what I thought I would be…”

When you were a kid, did you dream you would be working for someone else, not being paid what you’re worth, and working more hours than you have off? My guess is no, no you didn’t. So what do you want to be doing? Too many people feel hopeless and stuck in their jobs. They don’t feel like they can actually make a meaningful change in their life. 

Growing up I wanted to be an Astronaut, A pro athlete, a doctor, and a million other things. The common thing between those? I wanted to make an impact on the world. Now I am in a career where I get to inspire people and help them follow their dreams. Sure, the scope of the dream has changed, but I’ve been able to actually achieve my dreams. 

So now I get to do my job and inspire you. I want you to really examine where you are in your life and if that’s what you want forever. Do you want the long hours in a stressful job that you’re not valued in, or do you want to fall in love with your life again? Do you want to be like this guy ? and make 30k in 60 days?

3 Ways to Tell Your "Traditional" Job is Toxic

Take the leap my friend, invest in yourself and build a life 16 year old you would be proud of. Take this as the sign you were looking for to leave your “Traditional” Job and make your life yours.

The Affiliate Nation community is FULL of people just like you who really just needed to make a change. I really need you to know that you are worth it. You need to value yourself because no one else is going to do that for you. Find all the information you need on our Website to have us help you follow your dreams. Need a little more inspiration? Check out our Blog!

Read 10 Pages A Day To Be Successful
Read 10 Pages A Day To Be Successful