Posts to Become a Social Media Titan

Let’s say you want to switch up your content. Your posts have gotten a little repetitive and your engagement is down. What do you do when you start running into this problem? It’s so important to make sure you’re posting every day so how are you supposed to get out of those slumps? 

I’ve put together a list of 5 different types of Posts that you can use to keep your feed updated and fresh!


Posts to Become a Social Media Titan

Polls are a great way to increase your engagement because you’re actively asking your audience to participate. The fun thing about polls is you can have them be about anything you want, from…

“Which is better, french fries or tater tots” to

“What topic should I talk about in my next live A) How to Talk to Leads, B) What a Viral Product Looks Like, or C) My Online Journey” 

Polls will help you get a feel for what your viewership likes and what they respond to best. They’re also a great way to get content and engagement in your stories. Facebook and Instagram have options in their stories to create polls. You can add graphics and visually appealing buttons to the post, plus stories have gotten a lot of traction in the last few years. 

Social Media providers like it when you use all the services available to you, that means that your posts and content will appear higher in the algorithms. So take advantage of sharing polls in your stories and posts to use the different features. Trust me, it will make the Social Media Gods happy ? 

Results posts 

Posts to Become a Social Media Titan

Results posts can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool because it shows the necessity of your product. You probably recognize the “Before and after” results post. They’re typically posted in the Weight Loss or Hair transformation context, and I’m sure you’ve seen the viral trend “How it started vs How it’s going” posts. 

You can use these posts to show how you’ve grown in your journey and give testimonials from your clients. You can use these types of posts to show how your product is solving a big problem in the marketplace. The more inspirational your results post is, the more effective it’s going to be in your marketing strategy. 

The most important thing is to be real and genuine with your posts. Don’t make up results, people don’t like being lied to. But if you truly believe in your product, and you shouldn’t be selling it if you don’t, then it will be easy to give an inspirational results post that is a strong buying incentive for your audience. 


Posts to Become a Social Media Titan

Announcement posts are super important to build anticipation and excitement surrounding your business and products. These posts are incredibly effective for increasing your sales particularly around a launch. Anticipation makes people curious about what your product is. 

One of my favourite examples showing the effectiveness of this marketing strategy is when Taylor Swift released her Album, Reputation. Do you remember that? There was massive buzz in the media because she deleted everything in her social media and just started posting snakes. Now I’m not recommending you do this unless you are a world famous celebrity with millions of fans. BUT it is such a great example of how anticipation of excitement are some of the most powerful selling tools you have. 

Probably a more appropriate announcement post would be something like: “We’ve been working on something HUGE over the last couple months and I CANNOT WAIT to give you all the details. What I can tell you, is you are NOT going to want to miss out on this opportunity we’re giving you” and finish it off with a simple countdown clock.  

Value Posts

Next we have value posts. Value posts are most of what you see on your feed. They’re anything that gives your page value. Things like inspirational quotes, or an anecdote that you felt inspired by, maybe it’s something you feel passionate about. 

Wish your followers a happy wednesday and give 3 tips on how to stay hydrated or motivated for the day. These posts are what people like to see that don’t take a lot of emotional bandwidth to process. You can absolutely share a heart wrenching story about how your client spent their last x number of dollars on your product and was on the verge of being homeless. Now, through your help and product, they’re travelling the world and living life to the fullest. But those types of posts take a lot of emotional energy to read and process. If you post nothing but those incredible stories, your followers will get emotionally desensitized and those stories will lose their effectiveness. Break up those hard hitting posts with some light value to give your audience a break. 


Lifestyle posts should make up about 60-70% of your content. These posts are anything and everything about your life and what you are doing. Snap a pic of the salad you’re having for lunch and post it on your story with “Green is Good.” Boom, lifestyle post. Going hiking? Take some pictures from the top of that mountain, or a little video as you’re going up talking about where you are and some info about the hike. Boom, lifestyle post. 

These posts show that you are a real and relatable person. People don’t buy from people they don’t trust. So give them a reason to trust you. Showing that you are living a life you love, people will want to connect with you. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather go skiing with our Adventurous Social Media Coordinator, Brittany, than hang out with someone stuck in an office!!

The most important thing through all of this is to be genuine and authentic. Remember why you are doing this and keep that message in your mind whenever you create content. Never sacrifice who you are just to get a couple likes. 

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Read 10 Pages A Day To Be Successful
Read 10 Pages A Day To Be Successful