Evoke Emotion with Words and See Your Sales Skyrocket

Okay, so let’s talk about how to Evoke Emotion with your words. As an Entrepreneur, I’m sure you know how much of Marketing is writing. It’s involved in Social Media posts, conversations with your leads, email marketing, ad copy, the list goes on. Usually people say to keep emotions out of business, so why am going on about “Emotional” words? 

The key to selling is triggering an emotional response, because people buy with their heart. Finding the right words to use can be tricky, especially when it comes to selling, because we all know, no one wants the over-the-top, pushy salesperson stereotype. So many Marketing experts have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hours learning and perfecting the art of Evoking Emotion with Trigger words in their writing.

Many marketers want to keep their knowledge of how to Evoke Emotion with words a secret, keeping you buying their service. Doesn’t that sound a bit like a scam? But don’t worry, I’ve come up with a list of some of the Top Emotionally Triggering types of words to use in your own Marketing and Sales. So I want to share the Secret with you!! 


Everyone wants to be part of something bigger. Memberships to clubs and exclusive promotions make people feel valuable and included. In order to help people to feel like they’re part of something, use words like… 

Community | Exclusive | Membership | Club 

Evoke Emotion with Words and See Your Sales Skyrocket


People inherently don’t like to feel scared or anxious. Think about it, evolutionarily there is a reason why people don’t like being scared, it keeps us safe! But you can use that to your advantage. Remember, you can use fear words to give people a fear of loss. So make them scared to miss out on your product! In order to induce a little bit of healthy fear, use words like…

Only “X” time left!! | Don’t Miss Out! | Limited | Mistake 


The biggest way to use trust in your marketing is to simply be open and vulnerable, admit your mistakes! People are way more likely to trust you if you’re openly owning your mistakes and showing how they’ve helped you get to where you are now. Trust is crucial to getting people to buy. If they don’t trust you, there’s no way they’ll give you their hard earned money. In order to gain someone’s trust, use words like…

Fair | Equal | Open | Honest

Evoke Emotion with Words and See Your Sales Skyrocket


Guilt is similar to fear because it’s an uncomfortable feeling, people don’t like to feel Guilty! This tactic can be very effective if you’re raising funds for a charitable cause, or selling a product that has an ethical by-product. Rafiki Bracelets are a really good example of this, the money that you spend on a bracelet goes to helping someone get water, or school supplies, medical care or a variety of other things. Guilt also pulls on people’s heartstrings to evoke emotion. When you’re trying to tug at someone’s heartstrings, try using words like…

Humanitarian | Compassion | Support | Turning-Point 

Self Gratification 

This one is tricky, but vital when you’re writing for marketing and sales. Self gratification is one of the most popular types of emotional trigger words. I guarantee you’ve seen at least one ad that uses self gratification as a selling technique. Ever heard the L’oreal Slogan? “Because you’re worth it.” Everyone wants to feel good about themselves but no one wants to feel arrogant or selfish. The balance is to use words like…

You Deserve it | Freedom | Treat Yourself | Self-Care 

Evoke Emotion with Words and See Your Sales Skyrocket

Next time you see a sales pitch or get an email from a mailing list, pay attention to the words that they use. Not necessarily the meaning, but the words. How do they make you feel? You’ll start to notice the difference when someone is using words to evoke emotion versus when they’re not. 

I hope you enjoyed the Free tips on how to write with emotion and I can’t wait to see how you incorporate them into your business! If you want more tips and tricks make sure you go join our Private Facebook Group Every Monday we hold FREE WebClasses in the Group. Our mission is to make Digital Entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, no matter if you’re a complete beginner, or a Marketing Expert. We want to make your dreams of making money from the beach real. Our Blog and Website are also incredible resources to help you get your business booming!