Use These Tricks To Master Facebook Live

Use These Tricks To Master Facebook Live

Do you want to create better Facebook Live videos?

I’m going to explain exactly how.

Here’s why you should use these tricks to master Facebook Live.

A couple of amazing strategies that you could use are going to help your videos stand out because there are a lot of people making a lot of videos out there.

You really want yours to stand out.

Lighting, Framing & Staging

So I’m going to explain something about lighting, framing and staging so that your videos are going to pop.

The first thing is framing.

Now, you’ll notice that my head is near the top of the frame, okay?

It’s called the rule of thirds.

You don’t want your face to be in the center.

A lot of people will do videos like this, and while this is okay psychologically speaking, it just looks a little bit weaker.

Whereas, if your head is near the top of the frame and your face is in the top two thirds of the frame, it’s going to look better.

Why? Because that’s how they do it in movies, videos and TV shows.

You’ll always see people properly frame where their head is near the top of the frame.

So you don’t want to be in the middle.

You don’t want to be down here at the bottom.

You want to be top of your head near the top of the frame.

A couple other things is that depending on the type of message that you’re getting across, when you’re facing the camera this is a very direct message.

When you’re on the side like this, this is a little bit more friendly.

It’s a little bit more engaging.

It’s a little more open.

If you’re walking and talking you want to deliver a message and you want to get someone close, you can go like this.

Having someone you know on the side like this, what’s gonna happen is it makes it feel like they’re your friend.

Like you’re just sharing some advice, but you’re walking and talking with them.

So you should use these tricks to master your Facebook Lives.

Angles and the framing and staging is really important.

You’ll notice that I’ve got a lot of depth in the background.

And I’ve got it so that the the lines sort of point towards the center.

Generally speaking, it’s a better way to do your videos.

Now if you’re outside moving around walking around make sure that you don’t go and do a live during the day.

Where the sun is between 11 o’clock and 5 o’clock, because that’s usually high time.

The sun’s here, so you can have a lot more contrast on your face.

So if you feel inspired to do a video during that time, it’s better to do it under some shade.

And make sure that the brighter part of wherever you’re at is in front of you so that your face is standing out and you’re not a silhouette.

You don’t want to be a silhouette on your videos.

If you’re inside, lighting is key.

I’ve got a ring light.

You can pick them up on Amazon.

You want to have the lighting set up, and make sure that you’re well lit but not bright and shiny.

If this is cranked all the way up it gets a little bit bright.

You can find the right brightness by just dimming the light a little bit and eventually you’ll find where it really suits the set and setting and you’re well lit without being a gleaming overly exposed shiny object.

Lighting is very very important because you want to give your camera lens as much data to work with as possible.

They don’t pick up as much data in dimmer situations, so have a nice light.

Another thing is that you want to have your big light over where it’s darker.

For example, I can move this over a little bit and it’s going to change the the lighting.

It’ll fill my face out a little bit more.

Because I’ve got more lights over here, I want to have my big light over where it’s a little bit dimmer so that I can balance out the contrast and shadows on my face.

If you have two lights even better.

I will often use a little light to bring a little bit more color into my face, because I’ve got one of those color changing lights.

You can get these lights that change from white to orange, and you can adjust the hue or the tone on those lights.

Just search ring lights on on Amazon, and you’ll be able to find something really fun for yourself.

So get a couple lights.

It’s going to be better for you to create proper lighting for yourself.

If you don’t have a ring light, or if you can’t afford one, here’s the ticket:

Face a window.

The other thing is you don’t want to have a boring background.

A lot of people will do these lives with a white background, and it just looks really plain-Jane and boring.

Just a little bit more depth is going to help your videos stand out even more.

I hope you’ve gotten a lot of value from this.

My name is Shane Carling with Affiliate Nation.

Use these tricks to master Facebook Live.

When it comes to doing a successful Facebook Live, you want to have a great headline and sub headline.

The headline should be the hook.

It’s going to tell people why they’re going to stop and watch your video.

Often when you’re doing your headline what Facebook allowed us to do now is you can actually change the text.

You can make it bold, you can make it stand out a little darker.

You’ve probably seen some people with posts where it’s not just normal text anymore.

They actually have bold writing for a headline.

So get up and create some captivating headlines that are a nice hook.

Your headline should not be ambiguous or vague, it should be very straightforward.

Telling people exactly why they should watch this video and what they’re going to gain from it.

Your sub headline should just explain a little bit more.

Don’t do more than three lines per paragraph, because it’s hard for people’s eyes to see that.

You want to make it super easy for the eye to absorb the information.

The other thing is when you’re doing a Facebook Live, move around a little bit.

Sometimes it’s okay to even have some music going in the background just to give people a little bit more of an entertainment factor.

So get to work on your Facebook Lives.

Work on your personal branding, business, and yourself.

You’re gonna have a lot of fun when you follow these strategies.

The key is this:

If you’re nervous about doing a Facebook Live, just keep doing it.

Keep practicing and eventually you will get great at doing your Facebook Lives.

You’re going to have that confidence.

Don’t forget to review your videos so that you can actually improve.

Be your own critic.

Give yourself some constructive feedback…what could you do better in each video?

And just keep working on it and it’s going to keep getting better.

Use these tricks to master Facebook Live.

I hope this helps you guys, have a great day!

Use These Hacks To Master Facebook Live