Get More Traction On Your Facebook Posts

Get More Traction On Your Facebook Posts
Shane Carling with Affiliate Nation here and today I’m talking about how to Get More Traction On Your Facebook Posts.

I’m going to give you some tips and strategies you can use to get more reach on your Facebook posts.

So a couple quick things to understand is that before you create a post, it’s a really good idea to:

Spend five to ten maybe even 15 minutes liking and commenting on other people’s posts.

It’s going to get you more into the algorithm, because you want your post to have as much reach as possible.

Another tip is do not say things like “click the like button” or “share this” or “comment”.

When you’re giving people a call to action what ends up happening is Facebook’s algorithms will actually hear that.

And they don’t want that kind of stuff.

So it’s better to say, “Hey guys smash the love button!” or whatever, but don’t say things like those direct calls to action.

Another strategy is make sure that your first post is your best post, because your first post of the day is always going to get the most traction.

Also you want to create posts that are engaging with the audience.

So asking questions like would/should/could instead of asking questions like “do you want” or “why”, okay?

Because when you’re asking would/should/could what you’re doing is you’re really getting an a yes or no type of answer from people.

And so it doesn’t require a lot of thought.

You want to simplify the process.

Remove as many variables as possible.

So ask questions in your posts or in your videos that are sort of tie-down questions, yes or no type of questions.

Keep it really really simple, fun, engaging.

Some people are asking what is the best time to create a post?

Well posting outside of business hours anywhere from say 6 p.m to 11 p.m are usually really good hours to post.

So I hope you got a lot of value from this training on how to get more traction on your Facebook posts.

Get More Traction On Your Facebook Posts