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What is happening, Affiliate Nation, Shane Carling here. We’re gonna be talking about How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live today.

So I’m gonna wait just a few moments here for some people to pop on but what we’re gonna be talking about today guys are a lot of strategies, things that and tips and hacks, things that can help you make your Facebook lives look better, come across, better attract more people, hold more attention, and teach you How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live.

And so you wanna make sure that you pay close attention.

We’re gonna talk about things that are very important framing, lighting, staging, right?

Like for example, I’m gonna give you a quick little staging tip right here.

This is Bentley my little Chihuahua and this is his little step-up pillow to get on the couch.

We’re gonna be talking about How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live today and I’m going to help you guys get over this fear that most people have around doing Facebook lives.

I think this week we broke over a thousand people inside of this community.

So that’s really exciting guys.

I’m gonna talk to you about how to make your video stand out.

There’s a lot of little things that you guys might not know or be aware of that you can do to really make your Facebook lives stand out.

Okay, so I’m gonna talk about How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live and I’m getting it right into this class.

So the first thing I wanna talk about on how did you Facebook lives is this like the biggest issue that people have when it comes to doing the Facebook live is that they don’t know what to say when it comes to doing a Facebook live.

They feel nervous, awkward, like they don’t have enough value to add to their audience.

And they just don’t know what to say.

And when they do do a Facebook live, they don’t say anything or they get feel awkward or uncomfortable.

If that sounds like you I’m gonna help you get some mental we’re gonna talk the mindset for doing a Facebook live, Okay?

So in mindset, you’ve got to understand this thing.

This is like, if you’re doing something or not doing something, you’re always gaining momentum good or bad things are always compounding on you.

Okay? So, you know, and to do a Facebook live you really have to become comfortable in your own skin.

You know, like, and if you’re not then you got to start doing Facebook lives until you become comfortable in your own skin.

And I was talking to some people earlier this week that they know that they have to do Facebook lives, right?

Like guys, here’s the thing.

Most people don’t have the money that they need to spend on ads to make the sales that they want to be making.

Most people don’t have the money for the mentors of the coaches to be able to learn all of the different pieces and components when it comes to doing really, you know the online marketing is complex, right?

You need to…

Find offers.

Create ads.

Write the copy for the ads.

Run the ads.

Have a funnel.

All these different components cost a lot of money.

There’s a lot of moving pieces.

Okay? So, online marketing works but it costs a lot of money to get it all put together. Okay.

There’s offline marketing which is calling friends and family which is not something most people are going to do and knocking doors and all that kind of stuff doing belly to belly sales.

Most people aren’t comfortable doing them.

And so the only best way for most people the best way for most people is doing organic marketing.

Okay. And in order to do organic marketing you have to be insight.

You have to be in mind you have to become a figure of authority.

You’ve got to be adding value to your audience.

You’ve got to be able to get eyeballs on your content and on your posts. And if you fail to do that, right.

William says I can’t imagine doing a live I don’t even make videos.

Cool, stick with me here I’ll walk you through this whole process of How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live.

Right? So most people are uncomfortable doing Facebook lives.

I think it’s all because we get these stories in our minds about you know, the viewer, the audience, right?

And so here’s the thing.

You can make all the best posts in the world.

But if you really want your audience to connect with you Facebook lives are where it’s at.

Now, one of the biggest fears in the world is public speaking.

People freak out about public speaking.

You know, I used to as well, and not like by the way, no one who is a good public speaker started off not afraid of it.

Everybody who has ever done public speaking started off scared to death about the idea of speaking in front of people.

Right. It’s just that they just did it.

They just it’s like going cliff jumping right and jump they just like, they just jumped the ones that jumped, you know?

And then they realized it wasn’t that bad and then they jumped again and then jumped again.

You know, like public speaking is a real fear.

It’s a real fear. In fact, do you guys, there’s a statistic. People are more afraid of death than they are.

Or probably people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death.

Most people would rather die than speak in front of a crowd.

Isn’t that crazy? Right, it’s crazy.

But it’s all because of stories, stories, stories, we have these stories in our mind, we’re so afraid of rejection.

People get so afraid of ridicule.

So afraid of being seen to do the wrong thing.

And I totally understand that because it’s a common fear. Right.

But if you want to stick out like a sore thumb like this in your marketing, you gotta do Facebook lives.

It just makes you stand out more, okay?

So here’s, we’re gonna talk about some things to help you get over your fear of doing a Facebook live.

Number one, is this the reason people are afraid to do a Facebook live is because they’re afraid of A, right next to all of these things being rejected.

B being made fun of.

C, being seen as foolish.

D, being seen as a sales person or spammy or cheesy people are also afraid of doing Facebook lives because they’re afraid of what their friends just might think of them, right.

They don’t want to have conflict.

Most people will do anything that they can to avoid any type of conflict, right.

And so, and I don’t know there’s other a million other fears.

Here’s the best thing that I’ve found has helped me just get over that fear to doing, okay.

You know, my dad said, Shane if people are gonna watch you give them a show.

All right, dad. So.

And the other thing is if you’re gonna do a Facebook live and you’re afraid of what people think, then just imagine that every single person on earth knows every single thing about you awkward, weird, but you seem to be okay.

And so maybe that’ll help shift your confidence level of just like, if they already know everything about you.

I mean, we’re on social media.

I mean, people practically do know everything about each other these days. Right, it’s kinda nuts.

Right, so stop worrying about it and just make some stuff.

I mean, what do you think would happen, right?

Like if you actually just asked you the what is the worst possible thing that can happen and then just do it, like, just get over it, right?

Like, there’s the only thing that will help Make More Sales Using Facebook Live is you just gotta do a Facebook live and stop worrying.

Because also here’s a couple of reality checks for you, too.

You doing a Facebook live does not mean the whole world is actually going to see it because you haven’t been doing Facebook lives.

So you haven’t been doing Facebook lives. No one’s gonna see your Facebook live anyways.

Cause you haven’t been making content.

So Facebook hasn’t been actually putting your posts up on people’s wall.

In fact, if you haven’t been doing organic marketing which means you’ve been posting two or three or four or five times a day, then like you’re not going to be seen by many people anyways, when you do the Facebook live maybe two or three or four people might see you, right.

Your first couple of weeks of doing Facebook lives.

So if you understand that it’s not a big deal, you know, you might have, but you might even be a rockstar.

You might have the best speech on the planet doesn’t matter.

Your first couple of weeks of doing Facebook lives, really, no one’s gonna see your live because you’ve got to build up some consistency with it.

Before Facebook will start showing your live to enough people or before your audience starts to become familiar enough with your Facebook presence that they’ll actually wanna stop for a second and tune in.

Until you, and but here’s what the beautiful part of this is.

That means you get time to practice.

You have at least two weeks where you could do a Facebook live every day and hardly anyone’s gonna freaking see it.

So that’s a lot of good time to practice so you can get all of the crappy out, okay when you’re doing Facebook lives.

Remember, you doing your one Facebook live, trust me, like no one’s gonna see it, no one.

You won’t even watch it.

Like no one will watch your Facebook live.

You’ve got to be consistent at doing Facebook lives for weeks before people really start to realize that you’re throwing value out there.

Okay. So, you have time to get good before people start to notice you.

You have time to cut your teeth stinking at doing Facebook lives.

And that is the most global and encouraging thing ever because people don’t do Facebook lives because somehow they think as soon as they hit the live button that a hundred thousand people are gonna watch them.

And they’re gonna say and do the wrong thing and act like an idiot and look dumb.

Well, guess what?

Here’s the best news for it.

No one’s gonna your watch your Facebook lives until you get good.

So get good and then people will start watching.


Now sometimes you might hit a fluke and a bunch of people will actually watch your Facebook live and that’s part of How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live.

Great, okay. Give them a show, do something good.

All right, so just understand that it takes time to build your audience, for people to actually watch your Facebook lives, okay.

So just do it.

And like anything else you’ll become more comfortable.

The other thing is the camera is literally your friend. I want you to talk to the camera like it’s your best friend like it’s just someone who you know.

You know, every day you talk to people, right? Unless you’re a mute or a hermit who lives in a monastery you talk to people every day. Every single day you’re having conversations, you have great ideas.

Every single day you’re giving someone advice or something like you’re having some sort of value you’re adding value to some people in your life.

All we want consider is that on a Facebook live, we’re just taking that and that same energy, that same mindfulness the same playfulness, the same character who you are and we’re just doing it in front of your phone, on Facebook live.

Okay. So, understand that you want to get comfortable building a relationship with talking to the camera and it, once you’ve done it like a dozen times or so, like even less some people are comfortable after just a few.

How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live:

It becomes second nature it becomes super easy.

I’ve done so many Facebook lives and I don’t have to sit here and think and worry about what I’m gonna say, what I’m gonna do. Like I just, I just like freestyle it. Right, I freestyle it.

I, you know, my business partner, Jordon he likes to have notes and stuff. I just say, let’s just rock and roll. I’m just gonna go and have an idea and I’m gonna do it. Okay.

So that’s the big thing is just remember the mindset is you no one starts off being exceptional like you just have to start off to get good, to become exceptional. You gotta start. Okay. Don’t worry about what people think. Remember people’s opinions do not pay your bills but your goal here isn’t to buy isn’t to get their opinions.

Your goal with organic marketing is to get people to be drawn to you, to add so much value to them that they see you as a figure of authority and expert in the field. So when you do sell or pitch your products or do a call to action, they’re gonna take you seriously and they’re gonna sign up with whatever it is that you’re doing, okay.

The other thing is when you’re doing a Facebook live treat the camera as if it’s your friend, okay.

Treat the camera like it’s your friend and look in the camera lens. So, you can tell my eyes, like right now I’m looking at me and you can see, I look like I’m looking at your ear, right? Here’s me looking at the camera hole.

Well, I’ve got the selfie screen over here but you don’t wanna sit there and look at yourself. It’s easy, look at here I am I’m looking at myself, but it’s kind of looks off, right? Like I’m not quite looking at you. It looks like I’m that friend who is just staring at that strange thing on the top of your head. Yeah, it’s right there just go ahead and take it off. No, I’m just kidding, now here I am now I’m looking at you boom!

Right, direct eye contact.

So it’s tempting to look at yourself like over here in the camera, but direct your focus to the camera lens. Okay, again, it’s like, you’re looking somebody in the eye.

All right, when you’re looking in the camera and the only reason that you wanna take like keep yourself on Sufi frame is just so you can get a peripheral view of the framing and your staging and your lighting to make sure things are on point.

So just, you know, you can do a quick reference check it over to your camera here and keep your eye focused around the camera hole. All right, so that’s really gonna help your audience feel like they’re making more of a connection with you, okay. So those things right there are very, very, very very valuable tips.

Next is framing.

This is so huge.

But before I talk about framing I wanna talk about lighting, which is even more important.

All right, we’ll talk about lighting first.

So ideally you should have two selfie lights two ring lights, or two ambient on lights or two like those things that are the, you know, big squares whatever they’re called.

I’m not a lighting expert, but I just have enough lights. Okay, and I understand something about how to get your lights positioned. So let’s talk about lighting, okay. So some of you might not have lights.

Some of you don’t, you should invest like I’ve got this guy right here. This costs $24 on Amazon, 24 Canadians. That’s like $17 American. All right, so it’s a nine inch ring light and it’s got a dimmer. Okay. And it can also change color. So it can go from white to a more warm color. It’s almost like an orange, all right.

Now, depending on your skin complexity and the time of day, you know, you might wanna change the, you know, the color.

Right, to give you a little bit more like if I, you know, like that’s cold light, that’s warm.

So I usually have just a little bit warm that would make my skin look a little bit more orange. Like that’s too orange and I look really orange. So you wanna find somewhere in the middle. Right. And again it really depends on your skin, complexity, your skin tone. You’ll find a nice color that works best for you.

Now, if you don’t have lights, here’s the thing. What a lot of people do, a lot of people will do this and I don’t like seeing this stuff. They’ll do a Facebook live like this the problem with doing a Facebook live like this is it’s a very plain boring background.

Okay. You know, people who are sitting on a couch they have a white wall behind them. And, that’s not, it’s not the best. And most people they do a Facebook live like this. I hate seeing Facebook lives like this because it’s really boring and it doesn’t look professional and it just, it’s not a very empowering posture.

Okay. So if you don’t have light here’s the secret face a window.

Yeah. Let me turn that off. So if you don’t have light, face a window, all right. Because the window will light your face up. You need to give your camera as much to work with as possible. Okay, so face a window so that you’re evenly lit, all right?

Face the windows so you’re evenly lit.

Okay, like if I’m going like this, for example. Okay, so it’s dark in this side of the room. It’s dark over there. So if I just have no lights right here, I am. Well, I turn this light on, boom. I turn this other light on and I’ve got this big selfie light right here this big ring light.

Okay, this is an amazing thing now but that’s a little bit more expensive it’s like 118 bucks or something like that worth every penny it’s dimable, I can change these plates from a white light to more of a orange light, more warm, but right there.

Okay, now the image almost looks like it’s like 3D it’s like, it’s more popping out of the camera because I’ve got lights that are lighting up my face. So the camera’s able to pick that out more, right. I also have depth in the background.

I have nice background.

It’s not too busy, but it looks beautiful. It’s a nice background, right. And like, honestly, doesn’t cost much. So, like I got these on at IKEA, right. They’re like these all things and I don’t know I’m just whatever’s make it look good. I got a plant in the background is one of those little, you know, whoop flowery thing is I don’t know what that’s called that thing. Okay, I got a chihuahua over there, look at him. Whoo-hoo little guy. Right?

So just have a, you know not too busy of a background.

I might move the mirror. I mean, it’s there for now. Sometimes I like rearranging, but you know, so this is a set up now you have the bigger, stronger light in the darker part of the room to give you more light.

Now you see how there’s a little bit shine on my face. So that means it’s maybe a little too bright. You can dim the light, just to touch like I just did now. And that’s a little bit more balanced, right. And you know, if I turn this light off here, right, you see how much light that is making up for me, right. Lighting makes you beautiful. So just get the lights going, okay.

Also your camera takes a little time to adapt to light. It’ll kind of change its own stuff, right? The way it’s picking up your image. So you wanna give it a, you know, a few seconds to kind of adapt before you go live. And before you go live make sure you get your lighting on point. Okay. And make sure you are well framed.

Now let’s talk about framing. Okay?

Framing is the rule of thirds.

If you get this down this is gonna help you in freaking everything. All right, the framing. So just imagine you can go to your camera. Okay, so if you have an iPhone, you go settings, write this down, settings, scroll down to camera and turn grid on. Okay, Turn grid on. You want a three by three grid. Now you can follow the rule of thirds. I’m pretty sure it’s identical on, the Samsung or iPhone on Android.

You might have to go to your actual camera and click on settings and then but turn your grid on. When you turn your grid on, on your phone you’re gonna see a grid, you’re gonna see nine squares. Okay three by three. The reason you wanna follow the three by three grid is so that you can follow the rule of thirds.

And the rule of thirds is very simple.

You always want to make sure you’re framed in the top two thirds of the frame. Okay? So your chin shouldn’t really become, go lower or it shouldn’t enter the bottom third of the frame, okay.

You wanna keep it above the top. And when you’re taking a picture of someone or a video of someone make sure that you’re also doing the rule of thirds.

Keep the head to the top of the frame. So you can see where the top of my head is. It’s near the top of the frame, or it’s even cut off at the top of the frame just to touch, which is okay.

But you don’t want to be center frame.

Okay, center frame is not a good look. There’s a lot of psychological reasons for this but you don’t wanna be stuck, you know, down in the middle of the frame and you definitely don’t wanna be at the bottom of the frame. All right, that’s just a weird look.

So keep yourself properly framed in your Facebook live and that’s part of How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live.

Okay. Good lighting, good framing.

Now there’s a couple other things that I would say are pretty key.

If you’re walking around, get a gimbal.

I’m gonna show you guys what I got. Okay, hang on a second this is gonna look crazy for a second. Oops, there we go. I just turned my gimbal off. Okay. So here’s me holding my phone up, no gimbal. All right. Which is okay if you don’t have a gimbal on you, you can do it but you know, it’s easy to shake the hand and get wobbly screen on people, right?

Like if you guys are watching this on a big screen, this is whoa, we’re getting dizzy.

Right, so use this.

It’s a DJI Osmo gimbal.

They’re a hundred dollars at the Apple store. Hundred bucks. If you wanna get this extra little base thing I think it’s an extra 50 but you could also just use any old tripod stand.

Okay, for like 10 bucks I just went and bought the full thing. So it just kind of all works together but any gimbal or tripod will do. But the gimbal, what this does is this holds your phone steady and it will prevent shake. Okay, it’ll hold it nice and level and it gives it that nice fluid smooth cinematic type of feel. And it really does stand out, quite a lot.

People are always asking me, Shane what are you using on your Facebook lives?

Now I’m gonna put it back to my gimbal so I can see. You can see, right. Let me turn it back on, whoop. All right, cool. So now see, it’s all nice and smooth. I’m actually shaking my hand like this right now and look it I’m shaking my hand like crazy and the phone is barely moving.

Okay, that’s why a gimbal is so amazing. So you wanna make sure that you get a DJI Osmo gimbal. There are other gimbals out there. What I like about the Osmo is it has a mobile app which is really, really cool, but it’s just, it’s reliable. I mean, I’ve just, I’ve had it for a while and it just works. It’s got a long battery life. Not only does it have long battery life, but if your phone is dying, it’s got a USB thing. You can plug your phone in while you’re doing a Facebook live or while you’re shooting videos or using it.

So it is really cool.

The other thing is let’s talk about, sometimes people do their Facebook lives vertical. So vertical would be this way. Now I’m gonna look sideways for a second, but oh, hang on. All right.

So people do their Facebook lives this way.

You want to be horizontal.

So here is the tip for this…How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live.

When you’re making your Facebook live and we’re gonna talk about headlines next. Okay, but stay tuned for that we’re gonna talk about headlines so you can actually get people’s attention while you’re scrolling, right.

After you type your headline in for your Facebook live like, you know, above this it talks about magnetic marketing secrets. How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live.

Okay, after you type that in you hit the little dots or whatever you hit the things you go Facebook live make sure your phone is horizontal first before you hit start.

Some people will start their you know, they’ll type it in and then they hit live while their phone is this way. And then they turn their phone this way and they end up looking sideways or they’re sideways because Facebook will lock you in to whichever position your phone is in when you hit the start button.

So make sure your phone is sideways, horizontal.

Okay, this way, length way is this way, okay. Before you hit start button, then your Facebook will your Facebook live will be the right way, horizontal.

I mean, you can do sometimes you can do the vertical, but people are just they’re just used to seeing videos going this way, okay. So, keep that in mind.

All right. It’s also easier to stage yourself up with framing because if you’re doing your video where you’re, you know, lengthwise, like where it’s vertical, I don’t know, it’s just the whole audio you know what I mean? It’s easier to just do from here to here, right? On your Facebook live. It’s easier to manage. It looks better. People are used to seeing it that way.

Frame yourself up properly get some good lighting and do it sideways, okay.

So, that’s how you do it, How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live. Now, it’s the last thing I wanna talk about is headlines, okay.

Guys, if you do a Facebook live without giving a headline Just, I dunno, I dunno. I just throw a potato at yourself because it’s silly.

Like, no one’s going to watch your Facebook live if they don’t see a headline.

Here’s like people can’t hear your Facebook live.

Right, they can’t hear what you’re saying. They just see this. So if you don’t have a headline that calls them to action that speaks to a pain that showcases a solution that tells them what they’re going to learn from watching you, then they’re not going to.

So these are some like very simple things that you can do right now.

How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live:

Number one, get over yourself. Just do Facebook lives, just keep doing them.

Number two, is make sure that you’re well lit and well framed. Okay.

Number three, is get a gimbal, okay.

Number four, is come up with a good headline and that’s gonna help you do your Facebook lives and it’s gonna help you knock them out of the park.

And the main thing I want to tell you, the other thing a little bonus training is you gotta move around, okay?

You gotta move around.

You can’t be sitting still. I move my hands all the time. I’m making body movements because body language is a very powerful form of communication.

And if you’re not communicating with your hands people are actually missing out on a lot of your cues.

A lot of things that you’re trying to get them a lot of very valuable information happens this stuff here, magic hands, all right. So make sure that you are using your hands while you’re speaking on camera so that your audience kind of connects a little bit more with you, all right.

And remember, treat the camera like it’s your friend.

Just talk to it like you talk to your friend. Get real with it. You’re having the one moment in your life where your friend’s not gonna interrupt you. You get to say everything that you want to your friend and they’re not gonna say, but Shane, but, but, but, but you know, no one’s going to interrupt you. Okay.

So you have free reign over the time that you’re doing your Facebook live to say what you want to say, say it, make sure it’s important.

Teach people something, add value.

So that’s it for today. I just wanna give you guys tips on How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live.

I think next week I’ll probably give you a whole bunch more tips on different things and how to actually come up with content for How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live.

Because a lot of people are like, well thanks for showing us how to do Facebook lives but I still don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to say it.

And I’m gonna teach you guys next time on what to talk about and how to come up with some topic wheels for How To Make More Sales Using Facebook Live.

Take care you guys. Bye for now.

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