How To Craft Your WHY (Build Your Brand Story!)

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Crafting Your WHY

My name’s Shane Carling, and in this blog we’re going to talk about how to craft your why.

This is a very very powerful training.

Look, whenever you’ve seen a great speaker on stage or a great sales person, they always have crafted their “why”.

You know?

It’s that part of their story that doesn’t take too long, but it’s where they’re vulnerable and authentic and it’s really where you know that they’re a real person.

It’s how we all kind of connect.

And so I’m going to give you the formula, the secret formula, for how to craft your why.

There’s just four ingredients.

All right, now you’re going to want to write these down, and then I’m going to go through them.

Okay so the first ingredient on how to craft your why is:

Where you are at in your life right now.

Write that down: where you’re at in your life right now.

So for example: if you are working a job as a chef, or if you’re a waiter or a waitress, or if you’re a doctor, if you’re an accountant…whatever it is, you’re going to lay out exactly where you’re at in your life right now.

If you’ve got three kids or if you’re divorced or single or whatever your situation is, you’re going to lay it out.

Second ingredient for how to craft your why is:

What your pain or problem is.

Now, generally speaking, you’re going to want to make this around time and money.

So what are your frustration points?

What are the things that are keeping you up at night?

What are the things that you know you’re agonizing over?

Really at the end of the day for most people it’s based on not having enough time and not having enough money.

So in that part of your why, it’s really important to get vulnerable – but not graphically detailed.

Okay the third ingredient for how to craft your why is:

Why this is a solution.

Why this product/service/opportunity is the solution to solve those pains and problems that you have.

Okay, and the fourth ingredient is:

You want to cast vision where are you going.

Where is Affiliate Nation going? Where are we going with this thing?

So casting vision is absolutely crucial.

In fact, you might want to write this down: when you cast vision you’re going to make grown men and women march to the sound of your voice.

People are looking for leadership.

They’re looking for vision.

So let me break this down just a little bit more starting with ingredient number one for how to craft your why.

Okay so where are you at in your life right now.

Like I said it could just be whatever you’re doing, whatever is happening in your life.

Okay it doesn’t have to be some huge long thing – you could say “My name is Shane Carling you know I’m a marketer and a musician, I live in Tulum, you know I’ve been in the online and network marketing and affiliate marketing space for a number of years…” something like that.

So if you’re a dentist you could say, “you know I’ve been a dentist for a number of years cleaning teeth and all that kind of stuff. I’m married, I got three kids…”

Simple. Just keep it simple.

The second part of how to craft your why, what is the pain or problem?

So again this is where I really want you to take some time and don’t surface level this don’t surface level this.

Everyone says I was tired of trading time for money.

Everybody says that, but that’s not where you’re genuine and authentic.

You know it can really be about what a frustration point is.

Like for example, if you’re driving truck okay, or if you’re working on oil rigs or something, and you know that you gotta go spend two weeks being separated from your family, separated from your children, that’s a serious pain point.

Or if you’ve been just living check to check to check to check, and you’ve got dreams, you’ve got aspirations, you’re an artist, you’re creative, and you haven’t been able to fulfill or realize in your dreams.

You’ve been missing out on vacation after vacation because you know you just haven’t had the money.

And it feels so frustrating.

You feel like you’re trapped, like you’re stuck in this labyrinth.

Like you’re left behind.

Like you’ve been outside looking in, wanting to get a part of where everybody else is making money and having fun and living their fullest life.

And you haven’t been able to do that.

So dig deep on that part, because it’s really the more vulnerable and authentic you are the more people can relate because everybody’s going through some sort of pain.

Okay so when you’re authentic, people will show up because they’re going to have a little bit of sympathy and compassion for you.

Now the third ingredient.

So this one here is really going to reduce all of the objections and there’s a secret ingredient I’m going to tell you in this one.

Okay so the secret ingredient is this.

It’s a big deal and I’m all in.

Let me explain how this works.

So when I looked at Affiliate Nation I realized that putting all the pieces together for you know, online marketing or affiliate marketing, it is crazy.

I mean there’s a million moving pieces.

All these coaches and mentors, they never tell you about all that stuff when they get you in the gate.

They just get you in the gate, get your money, but then all of a sudden you’re like you got to put all these things together.

And so with Affiliate Nation you know what I found was that they’d done that for you.

They did it for you.

They’ve made it the fastest path, the easiest way possible, to have the most amount of success.

Because all of those moving pieces you don’t even have to worry about.

And that is why this is a big deal and I’m all in.

So that’s the third ingredient.

It doesn’t take very long.

Again I talked for 15 or 20 seconds, okay.

But basically I put all the pieces together for them.

Okay now the key is saying “big deal, all in”.

See when you do that, you’re putting your own personal authority down on your why.

And what’s gonna happen is, when someone’s listening to you because you’ve hit them with like the pain, and then you show them why you see this as a solution…here’s the magic.

When you say “big deal, all in” is because they’re not going to doubt you.

They might have doubts about the company, or the product, the service, the opportunity whatever, but when you say this is a big deal and I’m all in on this…the key is that now they know that you’re doing this with or without them.

All right now the fourth ingredient: casting vision.

You know I’m in a mission now I want to change one million people’s lives.

You know I want to make an impact in this world.

And I know that these guys have what it takes, and I know that this is going forward.

Okay now when you say something like that (and again it doesn’t have to be massive it doesn’t have to be huge but it is powerful) when you cast vision because you want to make sure people understand that this is a ship and you’re on the ship.

And it stopped off at the dock, and the ship is going to go back out into the waters…

And it’s going to go cruise around…

It’s going to have an amazing time.

Guess what.

All you got to do is let them know that the ship is leaving.

So those are the four magic ingredients.

Just to summarize: number one, where you at in your life right now; number two, what is your pain or problem; number three, why this is a solution; and number 4, cast vision.

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