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Content Planning Hacks For Affiliate Marketers

What’s going on Affiliate Nation? Ready for some content planning hacks for affiliate marketers?

Shane Carling here.

We’re gonna get rocking on some Affiliate Nation content planning hacks for affiliate marketing, so make sure that you tune in.

Today we’re gonna be talking about a bunch of stuff but I’m really gonna talk about content planning hacks for affiliate marketers, how to come up with some topics for you guys.

A lot of you guys struggle when you’re doing Facebook Lives or when you’re doing posts to create really good topics, and so I’m gonna go over some things you can do starting today that is gonna help you create awesome topics so that you will never run out of things to talk about.

So guys, we’re going to talk about content planning hacks for affiliate marketers and how to make a topic wheel.

This is going to give you a foundation to really start creating topics to talk about because I think one of the biggest things when I talk to anyone who’s doing Facebook Lives is they’re always saying, “You know Shane, I get it but I just don’t know what to talk about.”

Hey it’s okay to not have something to talk about because you know you have gone this far in your life and every day you’re learning something new!

You’re probably the master of many topics but you’re not in a place in your mind where you have well you know everything that you know.

You know what I mean?

Like if I was to just give you a name of a topic for example and I just hit you with like “okay so talk about trees”…everything you know about trees right?

You’d be like, no, maybe you took a geology class or maybe you took some some herbology class I mean whatever class that would have taught you about trees…and I know all these things about trees.

Okay cool what do you know about fish? Go and and like you might know a lot of things about fish or fishing but if I say hey come up with the topic to talk about you’re like I don’t know what to talk about.

So like the point I’m making here is that you know a lot.

In fact you have probably forgotten more stuff than most people learn in their lifetime you’re that brilliant okay?

So I want to talk about content marketing hacks for affiliate marketers and how to make a topic wheel, and this is really going to help you come up with topics.

If you’re ever at a loss of what you’re going to talk about, you just go back to the topic wheel and it’s going to help you okay so let’s see here I’m going to share my screen and let’s keep this jiving guys give me a second I’m just going to open something up for you.

The Tools

Okay so we’re going to talk about an app, if you have a Macbook, it’s called Simplemind and if you’re on a a PC I, think it might be called the same thing but it’s like a bubble mind map okay?

So I’m going to talk about content marketing hacks for affiliate marketers and creating a topic wheel right now.

Here’s what I want you to do:

You’re going to use a mind map.

Let’s just start something brand new.

What I want you to do is I want you to put your name in the middle, so I’m just gonna put Shane.

This is gonna help you come up with a lot of topics.

So you’re going to create a mind map for yourself. Put your name in the middle and with simple mind it’s really a simple program. You don’t need to get the paid version honestly the basic free version is plenty good.

You can also get this on your cell phone.

So I want you to consider health, okay. It’s a main topic – so just move that over here now the other one let’s just think about the main things that you might know about health…so what about relationships?

Let’s talk about mindset.

I want you to think about big topics, and we’re gonna go and break them all down.

Sales, marketing.

Wealth – big topic.


Let’s keep going.

Let’s build out these main topics that you’re going to break down.

There’s a lot of a lot of different things here.

Nutrition, then we got…exercise, okay, then what else do we got for health? We got rest, we’ve got stretching, we got detoxification.

I want you to start thinking about how you can make a topic wheel okay and what i’m gonna do is we’re gonna break these things down but you know more specifically because we’re here and you know let’s talk a little bit about.

Let’s go over to marketing okay…so there’s organic marketing.

What else is there in marketing? Offline…what else? Paid ads.

So these are main topics.

Now I don’t want you to think of subtopics yet.

Okay…personal development.


Overcoming fear.

There is comfort zones.


I’m breaking this down for you guys to start getting ideas to get really clear on content planning hacks for affiliate marketing.

How easy it is to create your your topic wheel.

Okay so marketing.

Organic marketing, offline marketing, paid ads.

Let’s start talking about the different aspects of that.

So, there’s adding laser targeted friends, post engagements, Facebook Lives, influencer, network marketing, and business groups.

You can actually break down all of the different types of groups where you might find your particular audience.

That will give you some some data but you know who are the people you want and where are they online where do they hang out.

So you could literally now we’re getting into where you can actually start doing a Facebook Live to create some content.

You know who are the people you want and where do they hang out.

Like I bet you could do a whole talk on post engagements.

There’s different types of posts there’s results, there’s value, trivia, there’s Facebook Live, and lifestyle posts.

When you get into the third level it’s where you can really start breaking stuff down.

This should give you some ideas.

For example if I could do a whole talk on how to create lifestyle posts.

I could do a whole talk on how to do Facebook Live posts.

There’s a whole talk on how to do trivia posts, value posts, results posts, etc.

So what I can do is now I can break these down.

What are the key components to a Facebook Live post?

Well okay lighting, okay headlines.

Attention grabbing headlines.

Camera framing.

Best times.

What about interviews?

This is a great way to to to drive attention and to be seen as a professional

Okay posture right? Literally each of these things is something you could talk about.

So like I could literally spend a week teaching small classes on how to do each of these different aspects.

What happens is sometimes you’re going to want to do some research.

So you start breaking all this stuff down and then and then you come up with a new idea and and all of a sudden you’re like there’s some research to do here.

There’s some research to do on lighting.

And then you’ll find some stuff best lighting etc. and then what’s gonna happen is now you’ve just built this out this lighting:

So like wow okay ring lights…

That’s like a whole thing what else there’s you know…

Shade, best time of day, all right best times for you filming outside…what else?

Like there’s so many things.

I guarantee you you’ll find videos on youtube for equipment under $100, lighting equipment under $100 right?

What about budget under five hundred dollars?

Two thousand dollars?

So you can now you can use YouTube search and start finding all sorts of topics about this.

Now do you guys get that this is money?

I’m teaching you how to create endless content okay?

Content planning hacks for affiliate marketers.

Endless content.

You are now no longer ill-informed. You now know how to make endless amounts of content on endless subjects and topics.

So you are now a wizard on on content creation.

I literally want you to spend like an hour per topic and go down the rabbit hole just like we did here on marketing, all right?

We’re talking marketing just different parts of marketing there’s different parts so we we basic and then you break down all the different parts of organic marketing there’s a lot more to organic marketing than just what i wrote here but you know uh break down what you can what you know of okay and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask someone what they might know about something.

Be like hey I’m just doing some research here on organic marketing, what would you say are the different types of organic marketing? Right?

What are the different aspects of it and and do some homework on that okay and next you’re gonna break stuff down and then you break it down again and now you start getting topics.

You don’t have to be Bill Nye The Science Guy or some guru who’s ultra successful to be seen as a figure of authority in the marketplace.

You just gotta know a little bit more than other people, and sometimes you know you’re basically just like bottling up things that other everyone already knows but you’re you’re delivering it in a way that strikes a chord with them.

So this is my best content hack for affiliate marketing. How you’re gonna come up with content.

You’re gonna find that you know more than you knew you knew because of going down these rabbit holes like this right and it’s gonna invite you to doing some research it’s really going to help you in your business endeavors.

If you really want to spend some time on this you’re going to have this crazy spiderweb of a freaking topic wheel, and I think it’ll light you up.

I promise you this you know way more stuff than you give yourself credit for.

You are an expert in many many things okay?

So don’t disqualify yourself from being seen as a figure of authority or an expert in the field by giving lots of value.

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