Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners on Facebook

I’m going to show you some like Jedi level stuff, and it’s going to allow you guys to search engine optimize what you do on LinkedIn to master your affiliate marketing.

You guys can see my smiling face in orange.

So I just changed my tactic a little bit on LinkedIn, because now there’s stories on LinkedIn and I’ve been seeing the viewership isn’t that high right now.

Even if I have…I think I have like 18,150 followers, the idea is though those stories like they only get viewed a few hundred times, right, so my stories are getting like one percent traction…one and one and a half percent traction.

So just like Facebook, their stories aren’t hitting everybody if you know what I mean.

So that’s not a big engagement tool on LinkedIn for affiliate marketing yet, but I’m still using it so you guys know.

All right, so let’s break down break down what a profile does and why it’s important.

So the old school of thought on LinkedIn was your your Facebook profile should be a resume, okay?

And this would allow a recruiter to come to your profile and see what you’ve done, your experience, and that’s going to get you moving forward.

Well I had the luck.

Here I’ll show you who my teacher was.

This wonderful lady name’s Bryn Tillman and I paid her a ridiculous amount of money per hour.

She’s like the biggest teacher of LinkedIn – she runs social sales, she runs a podcast, she’s a really amazing lady.

She’s taught me everything I know about LinkedIn.

She allowed me to make (and I’ll just set this in stage so you guys know) every year on LinkedIn since 2016 I’ve made $500,000 or more in sales, with my smallest year being $500,000 in sales just off LinkedIn in B2B connection.

So the stuff I’m going to show you tonight really, really works.

This stuff will make you a master at affiliate marketing on LinkedIn

And I’m going to show you why it works, but I just wanted to set the stage.

This was my teacher – so if you guys want to go spend that I think it’s like a thousand dollars USD an hour or so she can teach you – or you can get it all here for free.

So I just want to put in context I paid thousands and thousands of dollars for my LinkedIn education.

Okay, so how do we do it?

Well first you need a clean smiling photo of yourself with a nice business-like headshot reflecting who you actually are.

So if you’re a suit dude you want to be in a suit, if you’re you know a prim and proper lady look prim and proper, and if you’re fun then just be fun, be yourself on here.

The reason I’ve chosen an outside color is because it really pops on stories and that’s a new ad thing, and I do it in black and white because no one’s doing it.

My thing on LinkedIn is it’s very like blah and to stand out you need a little bit more and when people search you they only get the little circle kind of like Facebook with less description, so the idea is there’s only a couple things to stand out.

You get this headline right here okay and you get 223 characters now in your headline – you used to get 126 so they’ve expanded that and now this is keyworded so remember to put the keywords for your industry in here and if you guys want to find out what keywords exist, I use keywords everywhere which is this little tool right here.

I’ll give you an example of keywords everywhere.

You guys can see this in up top screen.

So let’s say our keyword is affiliate marketing okay?

Now when you type this in with keywords everywhere what happens is it pops down how many times this has been searched.

It gives you a lot of like keywords that are also around it so when you’re looking for how to attract people to affiliate marketing or you can just go you know if you want to search digital marketing, you know what keywords are being leveraged online and what the cost of them are with this tool.

So you can see this is searched 20 bucks a shot and is searched 2400 times a month, so you see the search volumes you see their keying keywording and that’s how you build the profile.

There’s keywords everywhere you get a hundred thousand credits for like 10 bucks – they don’t run out it works over top of YouTube as well, so if I’m on YouTube this is a really cool thing and I’m trying to pick topics out for my personal brand on LinkedIn, and I go affiliate marketing right so let’s go affiliate.

So you can see affiliate marketing you can see how many searches come up you can see like terms that people are searching with affiliate so you can see what to talk about.

So this is just a prime example because our group is called that but this is how I’d keyword my profile.

So if I was doing digital marketing right, and this is what I’d suggest you guys do, your LinkedIn profile is digital marketing experts/digital marketing professionals.

You look up what the other keywords kind of sit around so there’s a lot about strategy there.

You talk along online presence digital presence there’s a lot of different keywords.

So I’ll let you invent it, I’ll let you do your research – but this is the tool that I use and I run a multi-million dollar agency for this.

We use keywords everywhere it’s very good. There’s a lot of keyword tools.

There’s something called keyword tool, it’s very effective you guys can use that as well.

There’s Neil Patel’s Ubersuggests, it’s really good and you guys can look at those if you want to keyword your profile.

So what you have to know is that LinkedIn is SEO based, so if you guys want like a bunch of visitors to your profiles or a bunch of viewers of your posts (like some of my posts get 500 views, some of my posts get a few thousand views it’s very random) this is the key, a good profile will appear in search appearances more than a hundred times a week, so if you’re SEO’d anything over a hundred here is really good, it means you’re on the first couple pages of that LinkedIn search for what you want to be.

So when you get up to 500 range it’s doing amazing.

The highest I’ve seen is like 900 something.

So anywhere in between the I’d say 100 to 1000 is really important, and then you’ll get a lot of people just reaching out to you.

All right so let’s talk about the key sections.

As I said there’s some SEO stuff to talk about here and here’s the thing that other people and that’s why I said a lot about keywords: keywords are everything on LinkedIn and people don’t understand how to do them.

And I’m going to show you guys today.

So you have your photos.

Most people don’t know this trick that if you name a file name for your picture before your picture a keyword.

So I’m going to show you guys how to do that right now.

So imagine you have like your jpeg right so let’s just say it’s called um this dot jpg right so that’s your file name on your computer.

Well what LinkedIn does is it reads it like this so if you go sales underscore marketing underscore business underscore um underscore affiliate now now it will keyword these words now you can have I think 160 somewhat characters in the name of your photos your banner and your photos.

If you keyword your banner and your photos you will get 50 more views than just keywording your profile, so your photos are actually fifty percent of your keywording.

Most people don’t know that so what you’re gonna do is take the current photos you have, re-upload them with your keywords you’ve explored with keywords everywhere, and put your keywording in before the dot like jpg or dot png so that would be like your file name but you’ll have a lot more words there and it depends on your personal brand.

And what you’re running we’re all running different things as you see my agency is advertised here because this is my main B2B representation where I do my main on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter you’ll see me advertising Affiliate Nation, because that’s you know the power of those two together.